There is a lot to consider when planning to vacation with an aging parent. You need to find an environment that is safe for your parent's growing needs, activities you can both enjoy, and you'll need to be meticulous in packing everything that your mother or father might need while away from home. Even setting an exact date can be worrisome, because you've got to maneuver around can't-miss doctor appointments and prescription doses.

There's good news. You can take your aging parent on vacation, and you can have a great time doing it if you visit a sunny beach resort armed with the below 3 tips.

1.  Say Yes To Trip Insurance

There's no denying that, as people get older, the chance of them having an unforeseen medical problem increases. If you've already booked your resort hotel and paid for your flight tickets, you could be out a lot of money if your aging parent suddenly falls ill.

Travel insurance eliminates this risk by offering you a variety of plans specifically tailored to protect you for the limited amount of time you'll be on vacation. One option, cancel for any reason insurance, allows you full reimbursement for all expenses paid should you have to terminate your plans for any reason whatsoever. 

Another option, trip interruption insurance, provides you the option to end your resort stay early should an emergency arise. Under this plan's guidelines, you'll be reimbursed for any portion of your trip that you have not used at the time of your departure home.

These plans can be purchased separately, or together for a complete vacation safety package. Generally, trip insurance will cost you between 4 and 10%  of your overall trip costs, but it's well worth the worry-free rest and relaxation you and your parent will get while visiting a beach resort.

2.  Don't Stick To The Shade

While people over the age of 60 are more susceptible to sunburn, experts believe that a little more sunlight is just what those in their later stages of life need. 

When Warwick medical school conducted a study on over 3,200 people ages 50 - 70 years old, they found that an alarming 94% of these people were deficient in vitamin D -- a vitamin that the body produces in response to sunlight. What's the harm in having too little vitamin D? A lot -- a vitamin D deficiency can lead to metabolic syndrome, which can then lead to cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes. 

While vacationing with your elderly parent at a beach resort, do allow them to bask in the sun, but make sure they're protected with the right kind of sunscreen. Look for a label specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It should have a minimum of SPF 30, as well as broad spectrum UV protection. Furthermore, make sure that the sunblock you choose is waterproof so your mom or dad can enjoy the surf as well as the sand.

3.  Book Individual Itineraries

Chances are highly likely that you and your parent have different interests and different energy levels. If you're to both enjoy this vacation, a joint itinerary simply isn't going to work. Instead, opt for individual itineraries and plan only a few activities a day to do together. 

Beach resorts offer all kinds of activities. Have breakfast and visit the spa together in the morning, and then let your parent head on over for a game of lawn chess while you partake in a surf lesson in the evening. Or, let your parent spend their morning with a massage and a cup of tea on the deck while you experience scuba diving, and then meet in the evening for board games or a round of croquet. 

Do enjoy each other's company, but don't feel as though you and your elderly parent have to spend every waking moment together while on vacation. The point of a beach resort vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself, and going your separate ways will allow both of you that pleasure.

You can bring your parent to a beach resort with you, and it can be a good time. Book your trip today and follow the above 3 tips for a safe, enjoyable vacation with your aging mother or father. If you're looking for a beach resort to get away to, then go to websites like the one we link to here.