If you're interested in investing in vacation or resort property, your first step should be researching the vacation spots that are becoming popular with today's travelers. Many areas in Central America are emerging as hot vacation spots, largely because travelers can have a top of the line vacation for a far lower price tag then they'd have in established European vacation destinations. Take a close look at some of the best spots for resorts and vacation homes in Central America to find out if one of them matches your idea of a vacation or resort destination that you would like to be a part of.

Flores, Guatemala

Flores is a town located in Petén, Guatemala. The town is part of an island on the Lago Petén Itzá, made accessible from the mainland by a causeway. The biggest draw in Flores is Tikal, a Mayan ruin famous for its elaborate temples. The site is large enough that visitors need to stay several days in order to explore it all.

In between trips to explore Tikal, visitors to Flores can take advantage of a number of different activities. Flores is home to a zoo and a wildlife rescue center, both of which may interest animal lovers. There is also the La Cueva de la Serpiente (The Cave of the Serpent), a cave full of relics that offers guided tours. In addition, Flores is a terrific place for swimming, boating, canoeing, and bicycling.

Leon, Nicaragua

Leon is becoming an alternative to more well-known Nicaraguan vacation destinations like Granada. The city appeals to budget travelers and backpackers because of the inexpensive rooms and food available, but there's also quite a lot to do in the city. Leon is home to an active volcano called Cerro Negro, and interested tourists can climb the volcano for the view, then pay a few dollars to slide down the black sand on a piece of plywood – certainly a unique experience!

Leon also has a stellar art museum and the largest cathedral in Central America. It's a terrific place to sample local cuisine and explore unique shops. In addition to the volcano slide, tourists can experience other unusual activities like poetry readings and cooking classes, where guests to the city learn to create authentic Nicaraguan dishes.


Patagonia is interesting in part because it's shared by both Argentina and Chile. Visitors to the area can choose to visit Chilean Patagonia, Argentine Patagonia, or both. The region is bordered on the East by the Atlantic Ocean and on the West by the Pacific Ocean. Both coastlines are popular spots for penguin watching. The region is also known for being a great destination for hikers. The Torres Del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia has the world-renowned W trek, which takes a full seven days to hike. Visitors looking for a shorter walk might prefer to hike to the Argentine Patagonia's Laguna Torre, which takes hikers through scenic beech forests before arriving at the picturesque lake.

The region is also known for its kayaking, horseback riding, bicycling, and ice trekking. It's possible to take a boat ride on the Beagle Channel and see sea lions, penguins, and other birds. Furthermore, the Patagonia region is home to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. In addition to that interesting tidbit, Ushuaia offers a myriad of tourist attractions including skiing and snowboarding, casinos, golf, diving, and even catamaran trips. It's also well known for its colorful and well-stocked shopping district, and its restaurants specializing in Turkish cuisine.

These cities and regions are just a few of the many gems to be found in Central America. Once you see what they have to offer, you'll understand why Central American countries are becoming so attractive to anyone considering investing in a resort or vacation property and you can contact a specialist for more info.