Throwing a bachelorette party for your sister or good friend is fun, but it can also be challenging to come up with fun ideas. Your goal is to throw a bachelorette party that is more unique than standard bar-hopping, and that the bride-to-be and all her friends will remember fondly for years to come. Here are six unique bachelorette party ideas that will help you knock it out of the park, and make sure that you get to have a great time in the process:

Rent a Charter Bus

Does the bachelorette have a large group of close girlfriends and female relatives? Rather than try to wrangle them all into cabs or limos, or have multiple guests drive, why not streamline things a bit by renting a charter bus service? This is a great way to create a fun "field trip" type of atmosphere right away. Renting a bus will ensure your group gets safely to and from multiple locations without losing anyone, and the bus ride itself will be a comfortable and fun way to get around all night.

Start with Some Pampering

Starting off a bachelorette party at a local spa or nail salon is a great way to get everyone into a relaxed, pampered state of mind. Massages, pedicures, or even blowouts will have everyone feeling and looking their best, while also being a fun bonding experience. Many nicer spas even offer champagne and appetizers for groups.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is definitely a unique bachelorette party activity, and guaranteed to be a blast. Divide into small teams or compete individually. Be sure to buy a fun little prize for whoever wins the scavenger hunt. For lists of the actual scavenger hunt items to check off, you can be creative and make your own or download one online.

Consider a Casino

You might think of gambling as more of a bachelor party idea, but why should guys have all the fun? Have your charter bus drop you and the girls off at the nicest casino in your area. Girls can gamble if they wish, but even those who'd rather not will have musical acts and other shows to keep them entertained. Casinos often have nice restaurants and fun bars right on site, so this can be a fun way to have dinner and drinks together as a group while also enjoying various casino activities.

Set Up a Tasting

Local tastings are a fun and often quite affordable way to enjoy yourselves as a group. Depending on the bachelorette's preferences, you could set up a tasting for local wine, beer, whiskey, tea, or even gourmet cheese. Another way to do this is to have a single beverage or small dessert at several different locations, and then vote on the best one.

Have an Old School Sleepover

Ending your fun night with an old-fashioned slumber party will be a great way to bond and pretend you're still in elementary school, in a good way. Have cozy sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows waiting at your place. Matching pajamas is a nice touch and will make for cute photos. Don't forget the board and card games, scary movies, and a stash of candy and other junk food. Your bachelorette friend will love falling asleep to the sound of all the women she loves most giggling and whispering about her upcoming wedding.

By incorporating some of these ideas, you'll be able to throw a fun, memorable bachelorette party without a lot of stress. It'll also be a nice, memorable event for your friend before they start their new life with their spouse.