Las Vegas is known for its casinos and shows, but there are nearly as many transportation options in the city as there are entertainment venues. Most options (except limousines) cost less than hailing a taxi cab. If you're visiting Vegas, though, there will be times when paying for a cab will be worth it. Here are three such times when you should forgo the shuttles, buses and trams, and spring for a taxi service instead.

Going To or From the Airport -- Depending on Where You're Staying

If your hotel offers a free shuttle, that will be the cheapest way to get to and from the airport. If your hotel doesn't offer such an option, you'll need to either pay for a shuttle or get a taxi. (Limousines are also available, but cost much more than either a shuttle or taxi cab.) Of the two options, shuttles are the less expensive one. According to, shuttles only cost between $8 and $13.50, depending on where your hotel is. In comparison, a cab ride from the airport to your hotel will run you between $9.50 and $21.

Although hiring a taxi costs a little more, it's worth the financial investment if it saves you a lot of time. How much time a taxi will save you will depend on where you're staying, though.

If your hotel is on the northern end of the Strip or Downtown, take a cab from the airport to your hotel. Shuttles drop people staying at resorts on the southern end of the Strip off first, since those hotels are closest to the airport. If you pay the extra for a cab, you won't have to wait for everyone staying at the places on the south part of the Strip to get off before you do. On the way back, your hotel will be one of the last stops on the shuttle's route. Therefore, there's little reason to spring for a taxi going from your hotel to the airport if you're on the northern part of the Strip or Downtown.

Conversely, if you're staying at one of the places on the southern end of the Strip, there's little reason to pay for a cab ride from the airport to your hotel because it won't save you much time. You'll be one of the first people off the shuttle. You should, however, get a taxi cab when you're ready to leave Vegas if you're staying on the southern part of the Strip. If you take a shuttle to the airport, you'll have to wait for people staying at the northern end to the Strip and Downtown to be picked up.

Getting Out of Las Vegas

The resorts on the Strip are the most famous attractions in Las Vegas, but there are plenty of things to do off of the Strip. For example, just a short drive away from the Strip are the following:

  • a ranch for lions
  • a racetrack
  • a theme park
  • hot springs

Buses and trams won't take you to these attractions, though. If you want to see what's off the Strip and outside Downtown, you'll need a car. You could rent one, but rental and parking fees quickly become expensive. You'll be better off taking a taxi cab to and from off-Strip attractions.

If you're coming to Las Vegas, think about how you plan to get around the city. When you're going up and down the Strip or headed downtown, shuttles, buses and trams are good, affordable options. If you don't want to wait for others on your ride to and from the airport, or if you want to see attractions off of the Strip, a taxi cab will serve you better. It may cost a few more dollars, but the time saved and freedom to see attractions surrounding Vegas will be worth it.