If you know that you want to head down to the Caribbean on your honeymoon, but are not sure exactly where to go, it can be super confusing. Most people know that there are beautiful  beaches in most of the Caribbean islands. So, how can you decide where to go? Well, if you're looking for some things to do besides swim and hang out on the beach, then here are a few places to consider. Each has it's own cool and unique excursions that you take part in and explore the area.

Snorkel The Reefs Of St. Croix

If you like to snorkel, then you should head on down to St.Croix. You can snorkle in many places in the Caribbean, but in St. Croix you will get the chance to snorkle at the Buck Island Reef National Park. This amazing reef system is available to people who want to see the marine life up close in a protected environment. You can also go boating, or picnic on the tables, but you cannot remove anything, including taking chunks of reef or fish. There are also designated areas for scuba diving, but it is important to check with the parks guides to see where you can and cannot go with scuba gear.

Horseback Riding In Montego Bay, Jamaica

One of the coolest things to do in Jamaica is to ride horses on the beach. There are trails alongside the water, which will take you on a nice ride and explore the shoreline. Then, to cap off the ride, the guide will lead the horses into waist deep water where you will ride them as they swim.

Montego Bay is a super popular destination spot for tourists. In addition to the horses, it's also home to Doctor's Cave Beach, which has unreal white sand beaches and super bright blue water.

Charter A Yacht And Tour Exuma In The Bahamas

A fantastic idea would be to rent a yacht and explore the Bahamas. In particular, you should check out Exuma. This is a series of small islands that most people never get to see when they hit the big island (Grand Bahama). For instance, you can stop over on Major Cay, which is one of the islands in Exuma. This island is famous for it's swimming pigs. The pigs are wild, but they will swim up to meet boaters in hopes of getting food. They also trot up and down the beach. 

You can also take the yacht over to Staniel Cay and go scuba diving in an amazing grotto that was featured in the James Bond movie Thunderball. Visit a site like http://www.bonaparteyacht.com for more ideas.