Setting up camp near the waterfront is an excellent way to enjoy the best that camping has to offer. Unfortunately though, if you are not properly prepared for the adventure, you could find yourself packing up and heading home sooner than you expected. Here are some tips you can use to set up camp alongside any type of water.  

Prepare for the Sand

You already know that sand can be found near many waterfronts. What you might not realize is how much a nuisance the sand can be while camping. Sand has a way of creeping its way into your sleeping quarters, camping equipment, and even your food.  

There are a couple of ways you can minimize the amount of sand in your camping area. One way is to pack up a dustpan and brush to use in your tent or other sleeping quarters. You can sweep the area before going to sleep. You also need a tarp that you can put on the ground for those times that you are sitting down.  

Check the Weather

Regardless of the time of year, you need to take the time to check the weather before venturing away from home. The areas near the water can sometimes be cooler than expected at night. If you are not properly prepared, you could spend some cold nights seeking warmth under thin coverings.  

The water can create an additional complication. When the sun is high in the sky, its reflection on the surface of the water can lead to sunburn if you are not careful. If the weather calls for especially warm weather, make sure you have enough protection available for your skin.  

Find the Right Spot for Camping

It might be tempting to get as close as possible to the water when setting up camp, but that could lead to disaster. If you camp too near the water, you could wake up to your belongings floating out through the water.  

Before setting up, take the time to scout the location. Remember to consider the tide and secure your belongings so they do not tumble out to the water. Look to debris that has been washed up on the land to determine just how far back you should establish your camp.  

Waterfront camping is a fun adventure if you properly prepare for it. Talk to others who have had the experience and even consult with expert camp guides at travel sites, like Rathbun Marina, to learn of other steps you need to prepare for the adventure.