Tired of managing the incentive vacations you send your employees on? Here are a few good reasons to consider hiring a travel incentive company to do it for you:

Hotel Contract Negotiations

One of the best reasons to work with a travel incentive agency is to take advantage of the ability to negotiate contracts for discounted rates on hotel rooms throughout the year. Whether you plan to send 5 or 500 people from your team on vacation as an incentive for their hard work, a well-connected travel incentive company can combine your needs with those of their other clients to establish discounts and reservations that you can tap into as needed. And those negotiated deals should be contracted, so you can count on them when planning travel both now and a year from now.

Group Airfare Discounts

Just as a reliable travel incentive company can score discounted hotel rates and negotiate reservation contracts for you, they can get you some great deals on airfare – especially if you want to purchase the tickets in groups. You can expect your service provider to find the lowest-cost tickets for the year so you can buy them in advance and plan your employees' incentive vacations around them. Even if you only send one employee on vacation next year, your service provider should be able to buy the airfare in a bulk package when buying tickets for other clients, so you can still get discounts.

Meal Management

Something that's often overlooked when planning travel incentive vacations in-house is meal management. If your travel incentives are all-inclusive, your employees will expect to have all their meals covered throughout the trip. You can provide them with a company credit card, but this makes it tough to manage expenses. Instead, you can have your service provider create a meal plan and hire a caterer or secure vouchers for restaurants that can be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Entertainment Planning

No incentive vacation is complete without a little entertainment planned for the occasion. While your employees will likely enjoy the opportunity to spend their vacation time as they like, they'll surely appreciate an afternoon or two of entertainment on the house. Luckily, travel incentive companies can act as concierges and put together a package of show and event tickets to accommodate each incentive vacation they plan for your business.

These are just a few of the many reasons to consider hiring a professional company to manage your company's incentive travel program.