It's only natural for traveling to throw you out of sorts. After all, it can be difficult to find great rooms and excellent prices, especially if you are traveling on short notice. Next time you go in to book your hotel room, consider getting something better by utilizing some of these life hacks.

1. Ask for a Corner Room

Want to stay in a room that's slightly better than the rest? You might be able to do it without paying for or requesting an upgrade. Corner rooms tend to be larger than others, offering you with more space. This is a good solution if you are traveling with children or want to get in some yoga before your business meeting or night out on the town.

2. Ask for an Upgrade During Empty Times

If you ask for an upgrade while other guests are waiting in line behind you, it might not fly. Instead, wait until the hotel seems empty. You might have to wait to check in for a while before this works, but it might just do the trick.

3. Travel During the Right Time

Timing is an important factor in whether or not your room is available. Look over hotel and travel prices over the course of the next few months to find the cheapest time for travel. Most likely, you will find that weekdays are the best time to travel, meaning that the rooms are not in as high demand as they are other times of the week. As a result, you have a higher chance of getting that sweet upgrade.

4. Book through the Hotel's Website

The hotel's website may not be the cheapest option, but it may mean that your reservation receives higher priority than those who book the hotel indirectly. This means that you might be able to add a small note to the reservation to ask for the type of room you want.

5. Send the Hotel an Email

If you are working through a smaller type of hotel, sometimes sending an email is the key to making an impact. You might be able to make a special request via email and be remembered for being gracious and making a real connection.

6. Register as a Reward Member

Many hotels offer reward programs that may lead to bigger and better rooms. Register for a hotel's program and rack up points for upgrades.

With these tips in mind, you can approach your next hotel stay with peace of mind.