If you're like most people who have recently decided to introduce a canine companion to your family circle, you're probably planning on including your new furry friend in as many adventures as possible, including family road trips. While many dogs certainly enjoy this type of vacation, traveling with a dog presents certain challenges, and being prepared to meet these challenges helps ensure that the trip is enjoyable for everyone. Following are three survival strategies designed to minimize complications when taking your dog on a road trip.

Choose the Right Destination 

The best road trips to take with pets involves spending lots of time outdoors. Camping is an ideal choice, but keep in mind that you'll need to keep your pet leashed for its own safety in wilderness environments. Not only do wild animals pose a danger to domestic pets, but dogs also get distracted by new scents, sounds, and sights, and unless yours is particularly well-trained, it might run off in search of new adventures and become lost.

However, road trips involving hotel or motel stays can work out well provided you make the right choice. It isn't really enough to book a stay in a "pet-friendly" place because these establishments generally have rules against leaving pets unattended in rooms. Finding one that offers on-site doggy daycare makes it possible for you to go out and enjoy a meal and see local sights while knowing that your pet is being cared for. 

Map Out Dog Parks Along the Way

Unless you have an older dog that only needs light exercise, simply stopping at off-ramp rest stops long enough for your dog to do its business probably won't be enough, so map out dog parks along the way and try to visit at least one every day during your trip. Letting your dog run and play for an hour or so will help burn off any nervous energy it may have as well as provide you with the opportunity to get off the main highway and get a truly local experience. 

Make Hard Copies of Your Dog's Photos

If you're like most people, you've probably already had your new furry friend microchipped or have plans to do so soon, and this is a very good way to help ensure that you and your furry friend are reunited in the event you become separated. However, carrying hard copies of your pet's photograph provides an edge in the immediate aftermath of its getting loose and running off. Hard copy photos can quickly be tacked up outside of stores and other places so that those in the vicinity know to keep an eye out for it.