If you've rented an adventure van for a fun summertime getaway in the past, you might be planning to take a similar trip next summer. In the meantime, don't be afraid to consider an adventure van rental this winter. Many rental companies continue to operate through the cold months of the year, giving adventure travelers a unique opportunity for travel. If you're planning to rent an adventure van during the winter, you want to be sure that it's adequately equipped with the features that you need for cold-weather travel. Here are some useful winter features.

Portable Heater

You want to be cozy when you're in the back of your van in the winter, whether you're sleeping or just lounging around after an outdoor activity. Make sure that your van comes with a portable heater, as this will prevent you from having to buy one for the trip. Rental companies typically offer different heating solutions, including small infrared heaters that are capable of heating the entire space inside of the vehicle. You can adjust the heater based on how much heat you need. For example, when you're tucked into your bed at night, you may wish to turn the heater down.

Heavy Bedding

Many adventure vans come with clean bedding for you to use, which is convenient because it prevents you from having to pack your own. If you're planning to book this vehicle during cold weather, it's a good idea to confirm that the bedding will be suitable for the climate. For example, you'll want a down duvet and a wool blanket, or some equivalent products. Together with the portable heater, this heavy bedding will ensure that you're comfortable in the van, whether you're sleeping or you're just cuddling up after an extended period outdoors in the cold.

Winter Tires

You should also confirm that any adventure van you rent during the winter has winter tires. This is especially important if you expect to travel on roads where the conditions might be poor. For example, if you're going to be ice fishing and know that you'll be taking several back roads to the frozen body of water where you'll fish, you want tires that will provide enough traction to make this journey safe. Don't be afraid of checking with the rental agent to see which specific vans are equipped with snow tires instead of all-season tires. Contact a company that provides adventure van rentals for more information.